2.grow is a project developed to promote and help good farming practices in developed and developing countries. It allows farmers to know what plants (i.e. vegetable or fruits) are more likely successful to grow on their lands. With two main components 2.grow offers a mobile application to monitor the cultures on the field and a web application to allow any user to search for plants according to their field properties.


The improvement and the introduction of good agricultural practices is a need that has been noted in developing countries due to the importance of individual sustainability and capacity for self-sufficiency. Moreover, developed countries also have the need to manage efficiently their lands in terms of fertilization and correct procedures. For this we developed 2.grow. A project that allows farmers to know what they grow in their soils according its properties (i.e. pH, K, F, N). Thanks to a pack to measuring soil properties 2.grow enable farmers to know what plants they can grow with more likely to succeed. Adding this, the results can be affected according to the farmers’ needs. For instance, they may want plants with a certain characteristics such as nutrients, healing or even material needed. Finally 2.grow is designed to have real-time information about temperature, humidity and precipitation and to support a network of experts to help farmers with the three stages of planting, monitoring and harvest.


The project won the 2nd place at Imagine Cup 2011 Microsoft Software Competition in Lisbon, Portugal. (find more about imagine cup here)


Develop 2.grow was incredibly amazing. In addition to the great team, the project had a fascinating collaboration from several people from different fields such as software engineering, agronomy, medicine, and voluntary service. The challenge of working miles away from each other became an important piece for this experience. The team, with elements from Switzerland (EPFL) and Portugal (IST, FBA, and UBI), became the first multi-university team at Imagine Cup Portugal. Moreover, presenting the project 2.grow, after months of work with people on the field, was a rewarding experience and a wide vote of confidence to sound in our voices the voices of all who worked with us. (In the photo Nuno Machado, Mariana Araújo, me, João Ferreira, and Sérgio Viana)

Development Team


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